About Us


Talent Hunt

Our team members work with various outlets to find new or learning  applicants. This phase allow us to bring together a lot of individuals  together and help us learn what they are looking for and how we can  assist.


Screen and Recognize

This is where the work starts, here we start the screening process of  the applicants and try to see what their learning and knowledge level is  and what roles will they be best suited for. It is during this phase we  are able to define if an individual requires a lot of training or will  they just need a conceptual brush-up and be ready for jobs and the  industry.

After screening the candidates in this we define and group the  candidates based on their level of experience, their technical expertise  along with other factors and initiate the process to mentor and assist  in their growth.



Based on the experience and other factors, we work with the applicants  in one on one setting or group setting to teach them the details of the  industry and help them learn how they can function and be part of the  industry.