Managed I.T

As businesses continue to grow, so does the need to have curated technology experience for their employees and clients, making sure there are no downtime and an in-house expert to assist with any challenges that might arise. Our Managed I.T does exactly that for you. We work with you as your in-house technology partner, taking over the headaches of technology management and letting you focus on your business and grow.


Some of the benefits to have the Remote I.T services for you

Currently, remote working is on-demand around the globe. The remote development team will be beneficial for your organization as it will surely give you the best results.

Binary Techs helps you to get a great team from across the world.

Technology Resourcing

Hire the right resources for your business.

Whether you are a growing business, or a well established one, technology can really help you either grow or be stuck at one spot.

We integrate our services and tools with your business model and help you succeed. Whether you are looking for team members, or a complete system overhaul we are your partners. Our team of experts can find the right solution for your business problem always.


Increased Productivity

Lucrative compared to in-house developers.

It may be hard to believe, but hiring a remote developer can help you save a large amount of money. You can save up to 60% of overall development costs and operating expenses. In case, when hiring a programmer, you must provide some office space to the employee. Besides, you need to invest in terms of computers, furniture, internet connection, refreshments, etc. In such a way, instead of spending a large amount of money on recruiting one or several programmers in-house, you can set up a team of professionals from other countries.

Time Utilization

Save your Time

Time is Money and when you’re dealing with extremely urgent projects, remote workers in different time zones can maximize your ability to ensure that productive work is occurring at all hours of the day.

Services we offer as our Managed I.T service solution

Technology cost reduction

For building an annual budget we understand how much a company juggles competing for their priorities to invest. Cybersecurity is one of your priorities and Binary Techs is with you giving the best quality services at a low price.

Virtual Working Capability

COVID19 pandemic has pushed many firms to work through the virtual workspace. We provide secure virtual workplaces, while using essentials and fundamental security practices.

Remote Technology support

44% of the firm estimates each year they could suffer a loss of $10,000 or more only during an hour of downtime. 31% firms suffer due to hardware failure and 29% due to human error.

Along with the secure virtual workplaces, you need the right tools to secure your business. There is a large number of tools for remote work but we believe in efficiency and effectiveness in protecting your firm using the right tool at the right time.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

BDR is a must-have solution for all kinds of business. Binary Techs is with you in this giving all the resources to your company with a guarantee to restore your data in an efficacious way.

Technology Assessment

Absorb our Threat Intelligence to get fully managed security for detecting unknown exploits on cloud service or on-premises. We reduce risk by deploying adherent vulnerability management to minimize unprotected administration and maintenance burden.

Data Storage and Backup

Data is a lifeline for your organization and it must be stored very well and safe. Binary Techs provide cost-effective and reliable storage techniques to keep your data safe.


VOIP can be easily targeted by hackers. Binary Techs is here for you, monitoring your phone activities, setting up an automated alert system to notify you of spikes in phone usage, and implementing cloud security measures to reduce the possibility of someone hacking your VOIP services.


Binary Techs has the capability to elevate your business to the next level with our HaaS or Hardware-as-a-service model.

With out industry leading SLA’s and pricing model, we give you the ability to chose the best hardware suited for your business at an affordable cost.

Furthermore, we back the hardware we supply making sure that you can focus on your work and not worry about the machines supporting your businesses.

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