Cyber Security & Risk Mitigation

Cybersecurity and risk mitigation has always been an ever evolving landscape within the technology domain. In the last few years cyber-attacks and ransomware hacks have increased dramatically against small and big businesses.

Recent hacks have shown that small businesses are the new favorite for hackers due to limited technology budgets, exposure and tools in place. These crimes are costing companies as well as individuals millions and billions of dollars annually.You must provide a safe and hazardous free environment for your company.

Factors that can fail your company in growing

Data Loss

A cyber-attack business is always a second choice for any prospect. A business with data loss during cyber attack is never a choice for anyone. Data loss that gets leaked on dark web is the worst possible hit your business can take. This can completely halt your growth and can even force your business to shut down due to loss in revenue, legal fixes and loss of clients.

Investors mindset

One of the biggest resource losses that businesses have reported after being hacked is the loss of investors and revenue generators for the business. As a business owner, it is very important to have relations with investors and lenders to grow. However a single hack incident can deter many business investors to collaborate with you and grow your business.

Overhead costs

Cyber-attacks will certainly increase your over-head costs that you are not even thinking of right now. For example, marketing costs that will sky rocket for your business to revamp your reputation and rebuild your trust with prospects and clients. Increased insurance premiums and lender costs since you are deemed as less fit in the “risk model”.

The best defense for a business now is to have an ally, a system in place that provides a robust and strong multilayer protection for your network, systems, programs, and devices.

A sad truth that we all need to accept is, that cyber-attack is no longer a matter of “if” for businesses rather “when”. Any business that does not have cybersecurity layer, is already vulnerable to exposure of their resources, infrastructure and employees and are just waiting to be hacked.
Strong cybersecurity doesn’t depend only on the defense technique it has but also relies on the smart choices made by you.

Why to choose Binary Techs?

Binary Techs help you maintain enterprise grade cyber security with our skilled team and innovative technology that acts as a security blanket over your entire technology and business infrastructure protecting it from any harmful intrusions and hacks, at a fraction of cost that you would pay otherwise for these industry leading tools.Your business safety is our top priority.

To assist you and your business here is what we offer you to keep you safe and secure.

Dark Web Monitoring

Dark Web is the place where hackers can buy or sell your company information. Every key information that cannot be accessed otherwise, is readily available on dark-web for a price. As part of our cybersecurity package, Binary Techs continuously monitors the dark web and notifies you for any information pertaining to you and your business and works with you to fix the leak and help you secure your lost data.

Incident management and reporting

Incident management is one of the most critical processes an organization needs to get right. Service outages can be costly to the business and teams need an efficient way to respond to and resolve these issues quickly. Our continuous management system keeps check on all assets and processes to keep on top of such situations and help you be up and running in case of any outages and issues.

Penetration testing & vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are both critical to a comprehensive security strategy. They are powerful tools to monitor and improve an organization’s network environment. Regular vulnerability scanning & penetration testing is necessary for maintaining organisation information security.

Reoccurring assessments of security risks or threats

Both your IT environment and the threat landscape are constantly changing, so you need to perform risk assessment on a regular basis. Create a risk assessment policy that codifies your risk assessment methodology and specifies how often the risk assessment process must be repeated.

24 X 7 SOC Analysis and Response

Binary Techs Security Operations Center (SOC) service will log, monitor and analyze your organization’s security events in a cloud-based environment on a continuous, 24x7x365 basis, and provide actionable, custom-tailored and timely reporting on significant security events detected across your infrastructure.

Security Awareness Training

Did you know that cybercriminals ramped up phishing attacks over 67% in March 2020 alone, when remote work started taking boom. How to safeguard against cyber threats on your own? Binary Techs along with the technology supports you with the security awareness and gives you the knowledge to keep you firm and sensitive data safe. We will cultivate a culture with a security mindset prioritizing the protection of your firm.

Quarterly Business Reviews

A consistent communication plan is very essential for a client to get better services. Binary Techs focus on the objectives and the strategies to work efficiently. We quarterly discuss the issues with our client to look forward to our next quarterly goal.

Defense in Depth

An attacker may breach your data easily in a single layer of security software. A multi-layer security strategy provides layers of security and defensive measures. Binary Techs is proficient in jeopardizing the plan of an attacker providing safety to your assets. We designed security layers to protect the technical, physical, and administrative parts of your network.

A workforce for future

Digital analytics may detect the risk, but the human expert is crucial in deciding whether there is a problem or not. Our experts have unique skills in establishing a strong team analyzing networks, databases, servers, websites, and other systems. Binary Techs ensure skilled workers that will help you to strengthen your company.

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