Cloud Development & Services

We architect cloud applications and solutions that provide value and returns far superior to others in the field. Our holistic processes ensure seamless and secure migration of enterprise applications between server, app, and database. Whether it’s Platform as a Service (PAAS) or Software as a Service (SaaS), we build upon the industry’s best platforms including AZURE, AWS, Google Cloud.

Cloud Services

Our team will help you build the right cloud-based solutions that solve any issues your enterprise might be encountering. Our expert developers leverage proven techniques and methodologies from many successful previous projects. Your cloud-based need will be developed by our team of highly skilled individuals with extensive experience in cloud computing and cloud technologies

SaaS Development

Our experience in SaaS development includes the creation of cloud-based applications with easy-to-deploy data integration, high level of security and scalability, efficiency in controlling service levels and more. We cover each stage of the development, from SaaS architecture design to unit testing, debugging, and integration.

Website Development

We work according to your web needs providing advanced tools, technology, resources and services. Binary Techs helps in establishing an online presence with a state of the art back end infrastructure and security profile.

Mobile Development

From productivity apps to social platforms, people use mobile tech daily. It is very necessary in today’s business world and substantial for acquiring new clients. For your business to grow you must get an intuitive, secure and fast mobile app with positive experiences. Binary Techs provide mobile application development services enriching your business with the most reliable mobile solutions.

Why choose us?

Minimal downtime

Instead of going through the process where you call a company and then they dispatch someone to your location and then they diagnose the issue, Binary Techs does it proactively for you by partnering and monitoring everything for you in real time and assist in real time when a system or network goes down.


Consider us as your technology insurance, we don’t charge you an additional amount in case of an incident rather our monthly fixed fees covers it all for you. In addition to that our constant monitoring keeps us ahead of the issues and remediate them before they become a headache for all.


Our cloud backups and services keep a constant copy of your systems and infrastructure and help you be up and running in no time in case there is an issue where you lose data and need it back. We backup your data and keep you always up to date with minimal downtime. On top of that Remote IT operates on (SLA) Service Level Agreements so you know exactly what response times to expect. Any issue is a significant issue for us, and our service team is committed to getting you working again as fast as possible, while providing the best service you will ever experience.


One of the key features that sets us apart is that we are available all the time, no matter the time of day or holiday, we are there to help you.

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We treat the challenges of each business as a unique opportunity to provide a tailored solution to overcome the pain points, without breaking the bank.