About Us

Binary Techs is a security and technology partner for you and your business. We are a full-service information security management company helping businesses protect sensitive, confidential and proprietary information from unauthorized access, distribution and destruction.

As a general understanding , Cyber security and Risk management is not a one-size-fits-all as others would lead you to believe. We work hard one on one with you to assess your most significant vulnerabilities and gaps, and based on our findings and analysis, put together a plan to manage those risks, and help you execute that plan across your business.

We are fortunate to work with great clients

We pride ourselves to the fact that many small businesses across the country trust us and have faith in our technologies and have signed up with us to utilize our services and secure their businesses. As part of our services suite we not only secure the business but also use our Managed Services to reduce your technology infrastructure cost by replacing dated hardware and software with the latest and trusted industry tools and devices.


What Sets Us Apart

Individuals with passion for innovation and capability to re-imagine the technology

We are a mix of exceptional talent and technology. We deliver a customized solution for your business that is a fit for you and your organizational needs. Our clients benefit from an endlessly curious partner who understands business processes and technology.

  • Talented professionals with a passion for cybersecurity, technology you can trust with providing the right solution.
  • Technology capability to define the plan and roadmap for your needs and drive your business to succeed.
  • Proven processes Advanced processes and tools to support our teams in achieving the results meeting the customer needs and budget. The solution methodology produces lower risk and faster implementation.
  • Our expertise across cybersecurity, risk mitigation and management, managed technology and services and providing the right solution with this mix.


We will listen to your team in your operations that have concerns and the task or desire for improving their efficiency. We build a value relationship with our clients to help them.

Core Values



Our work ethics and work culture are based on clarity and honesty. As a customer you can trust our word as a promise we will deliver on.



We believe in working transparently. With our work process you will never find an element of surprise. We work really hard to keep things as transparent as we can for our customers and our workforce.



Simply put, you can count on us. Any promise we make we assure that it will be delivered. Our high standards of discipline, hard work and quality measures makes sure that whatever we agree to, we deliver it.